Ann-Marie Vannucci ~ owner, photographer

The best compliment I’ve ever received was from a portrait client. After buying many gift photos for family she looked at me and said, “It’s amazing how many lives you touch and how many people you make happy on Christmas morning.”

My passion for photography started with a simple high school black and white photography class. I think initially it spoke to two parts of me: my technical mathematical side as well as my artistic side. Since then I’ve held that passion for photography close to me in variety of ways. I went to UVM and received my BS in Wildlife Biology; I took art and photography classes strictly as electives. After college, like many, I stepped right into a career that had nothing do to with what I had studied - I enjoyed working in the health and fitness industry for many years. When I confided in a mentor that I view everything as a photograph, constantly composing images in my mind, always watching the light, he asked me if I realized that that was not normal to think in that way.

Thanks to my mentor's comment, I was able to turn my hobby and passion into a career. I enrolled in the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. It was at school that I discovered children’s photography. I had worked with children since I was 15, teaching them swimming, skiing and snowboarding. I had already developed the skills I needed: patience, the art of distraction and most importantly, keeping things fun. Children’s photography was my answer; I am fortunate that I get to spend my days doing what I love.

In 2000, I graduated from Hallmark with honors and immediately returned to Vermont to open AMVphotography. In school I had fine tuned the important skills of organization, attention to detail, and the balance between art and business. AMVphotography incorporates these skills and passes them onto you. We do our utmost best to have every photograph be as close to perfection as possible. And we make sure that you enjoy the process of creating that photograph with us. We strive to give you an art piece that you loved creating!

For years I’ve had the pleasure of delighting people with photography of their loved ones. But after the birth of my two daughters, Amelia and Skylar, I have truly been able to share the experience. Yes, I have hundreds of images of them.

I look forward to creating your art piece with you!

Joanna (Asia) Kruse ~ studio manager

Hilary Jorden ~ photographer

Last summer I fulfilled my childhood dream and I bought an ice cream truck.